"At ALIVE there is fellowship, music, and praises to God - much like heaven! To me, that's a good time." - Jon "Last year was so heart warming, my friends and I couldn't wait until this year!" -Summer

"This is a huge undertaking and of great benefit to the Northside area" - MaryAlice

"I wanted to share one story – A man and his girlfriend or wife were taking their items out of their bags and showing each other in obvious excitement. The man at one point said, “It’s just like Christmas.” We saw the woman later and she told us how thankful and blessed she was. ...God is good. What a great work for His kingdom." - Cathy

"It was great to be a part of serving our city...." - Andrew

"ALIVE was fantastic this year, like always. Glad I could participate." - Andrej

"[ALIVE] was an unbelievable experience. Cold outside, warm inside." - Lei

"Last year 8 volunteers from our church volunteered at Alive...what a blessing our day spent with you was!" Janet

"First, let me thank you for allowing my daughters and me to serve with you on Saturday. What a blessing it is to us to share some time with the friends of the North Side. Watching the smiles on their faces is priceless..." - Jill

"Alive was a blessing for me..." - Evert

"At Alive I volunteered at the prayer table. They wanted three people at all times at the table and everyone else working in pairs walking around, handing out Bibles and praying for people. So I found a partner and began walking around however we were unsuccessful. One man said he didn't have to talk to us because we weren't the police. So I went back to the prayer table and waited for people to approach me. Two people stood out the most to me. The first lady I prayed for wanted prayer for her husband. He was cleaning his gun and accidentally shot himself in the leg. He lost a lot of blood and was in critical condition for awhile. The doctor contemplated amputating his leg. Well she refused to believe what the doctor was telling her and continued to pray. As a result of her faith, Her husband didn't have to lose his leg. He even began walking with a cane. She said she never knew prayer could be so powerful. So we prayed with her and declared healing and restoration in her husbands leg and that God would give them both peace. She walked away with her eyes flooded with tears. We also prayed for a man named Jim. He came to us excited because he was just accepted into school and he started on the following Monday. He is studying business and accounting. I told him those were excellent choices since I just graduated with an accounting degree. He was very nervous to start because he had trouble remembering large amounts of information. So prayed that he would have the mind of Christ and he would be able to recall the information he needed. We prayed for peace and that he wouldn't be nervous. He also said he had a problem with people negatively influencing him. So we prayed that God would give wisdom and discernment. I prayed with many people who had amazing stories. I was truly blessed." - Courtney

"It was a privilege and a blessing to be able to serve last Sat at ALIVE! I walked away feeling as though I had been so blessed, just by being a part of it. I prayed that the Lord's Presence would rest upon that park- and He was certainly evident! Thanks so much for the opportunity to serve..." - Karen