2017: A Year of IMPACT

2017 was year in which God made a a tangible impact in the lives of all those who touched the ministry. From volunteers and donors, to staff, interns and the homeless themselves, we were all impacted by the transformational love and grace of God. In 2017 we made 8306 face to face connections with the homeless, and used those connections to influence our region for Christ. Take a look below to see all that God accomplished through us:


Men's Ministry

5 homeless shelters were visited each week and 204 Bible Studies were held for homeless men throughout the year.

3 new Bible Studies and discussion groups were started to engage men in the Gospel. 3 men gave their lives to Christ!

Closer Walk saw 10 homeless men participate, each showing significant growth in their faith

Scott and Josh took men to  several Pirates’ games, the Man Up conference, and a rafting trip this year.

WM Street Outreach.jpg

Women's ministry

4 homeless shelters were visited 128 times where over 300 homeless women were met

A new recovery program called SPARC was created and saw 25 women participate and progress in their recovery. 

After years of waiting, 3 homeless women were helped get housing so they can move off of the streets. 

1 complete apartment was furnished for a homeless woman



950 bowls of soup were served to men and women staying in the winter weather shelters downtown. 

94 people joined the ministry to run one of the Pittsburgh Marathon events. Altogether, the ministry raised over $35,000 from those runners

Over 28 homeless campsites were visited by volunteers throughout the year. Some groups visited multiple times and built meaningful and lasting relationships with the homeless that they met there. 



17 people participated in this year’s Stations of the Cross event where they not only heard the Gospel, but got a chance to experience God’s love in a tangible way

280 people attended this year’s Benefit Dinner in May— almost 40 more people than we had in 2016.

120 people attended the ministry’s donor and volunteer appreciation dinner in December which was 30 more than we had in 2016.

Over 85 people joined the ministry for our annual 4th of July party and candy eating contest. It was a great time celebrating our freedom as a nation and our freedom in Christ. 

58 people attended the ministry’s Thanksgiving celebration. These people consisted of college students, major donors, volunteers, staff, and the homeless and formerly homeless.

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The ministry was blessed with 14 staff and interns and 6 Board Members in 2017. Altogether, these folks gave over 14600 hours of time to serving the homeless. A special thanks goes out to Jared, Jeff, Terrie, Scott, Josh, Anna, Jenna, Nichole, Jennifer, Charles, Michelle U, Bethany, Michelle. M, Hannah, Bret, Meredith, Tara, James, Steve, and Dale for their service


Northside Homeless Alliance                

84 people attended the inaugural Memorial Day fishing trip and enjoyed a day of great food, fun, and fishing! This fun day brought together several organizations to provide the homeless with a day of rest outside of the city. 

250 volunteers came together to put on ALIVE 2017. They served food and distributed clothing to over 350 people.

92 people attended the Finding Ways Home Conference where they learned practical ways to care for the homeless.

The Northside Homeless Alliance was honored with 2 awards for their outstanding work in bringing organizations together to better serve the homeless.


We celebrate that Bill, Michael, Doug, Shawn, Andrew, Jerry, Tom, and Matthew all received employment after being a part of our mobile employment center. After months of training seminars, financial assistance and one on one job coaching, 6 of the 8 were able to get housing as well and are no longer experiencing homelessness.  

God was so faithful in 2017! In a year of busyness where we were easily tempted to take our focus off of our mission, God so graciously and gently reminded us to keep the main things the main things. In 2018, we are looking for even more opportunities to spread the feeling of 'home' throughout our region. From family reunions and spiritual development, to overnight retreats and public policy, we are excited about the new doors that will be opened to us. As we embrace an event greater year of ministry, we know that one thing that needs to improve in the ministry is developing more financial stability for the anticipated growth we are expecting. With that being said, will you partner with us today by making a special year end gift that will propel us toward an even more impactful future? Click the button to join our effort and may God bless you in 2018!