2019 Carwash - Saturday, September 7th 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Busy Beaver (4743 Plummer Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201)

Advance Auto Parts (958 Ohio River Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15202)

So how does a carwash help the homeless? Great question! Since 2004, LIVING Ministry hosted a carwash fundraiser each summer. Our carwash has always served primarily as a fundraiser for the ministry, but also served to advocate and promote the work we do of uncovering the hope of Christ.

During our early years, we used to wash cars at Bellefield Presbyterian Church in Oakland. We would hire some of the men we served and had them actually wash cars with us. We did this to prove to people that the homeless aren’t lazy bums who don’t want to do anything. They are hard workers and did an exceptional job at washing cars. We always held our carwash as a “free carwash” with donations being accepted. After washing about 100 cars, paying our guys and buying food and supplies, we would end up with about $500. It was a nice event, but didn’t really propel us toward greater ministry expansion.

Then somewhere around 2008, we changed our carwash structure, and began taking pledges from supporters beforehand. The pledges helped us reach more people and raise a lot more money. Our first year of taking pledges, we almost made $5000! That’s 10x more than we were used to making. As more and more people started learning about the ministry, we started getting more and more people connected to the work that we do. Many people who attended and supported the carwash become volunteers, Board Members, donors, and even staff!


This year we are again making adjustments to how we do the carwash. Believing in the strength of numbers, we are will be reaching out to people like you to make this year’s event the best ever! If you are interested in helping this year’s carwash, here are (3) ways you can participate:

Make a Pledge

The easiest way to be involved in the carwash is to make a pledge! By doing this, you commit an amount to donate for every car that we wash (we are planning to wash no more than 250 cars). After the carwash on September 7th, we will inform you of how many cars we washed, and then you simply can mail in or electronically fulfill your pledge. This year, we have secured a match pool that will double any per-car pledge of $0.30 or more! To make a pledge, please visit here.

Collect Pledges

New this year, we are asking friends of the ministry to help collect pledges for the carwash from their friends and family. In similar fashion to our marathon team, these people will have the personal goal of raising at least $1 per car in total pledges. Prizes will be given to those who participate and hit their goal. To start collecting pledges, click here.

Volunteer to Wash Cars

What are you doing on Saturday, September 7th? Hopefully your answer is washing cars with us! In order to wash 250, we are going to need 80 volunteer spots filled. We will be washing cars at two locations this year and will have (2) shifts that volunteers can choose from to serve. They can serve the morning shift from 9-1:30pm, the afternoon shift from 12:30-5pm or all day from 9-5pm! Lunch and snacks will be provided for each volunteer as well as a special carwash t-shirt. To sign up for one of the volunteer shifts, please click here.  

Questions? Contact Michelle Ulrich at ulrich@livingministry.org