At L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry, we believe the following:

  • Jesus Christ is the manifestation of God in flesh. He lived a sinless life on the Earth before giving up that His life, as a payment for the sins that we all have committed, to fulfill the scriptures. He was not bound by death, but raised to life by the Father. Any person that believes this in their heart, confesses this with their lips and repents of their sin will be forgiven of their sin, and given the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:15-40).


  • The Bible is the true word of God passed down to man, and is the authoritative text by which we live our lives (2Ti 3:16).


  • Because all are sinners, all are equal (Rom 3:23). All will be treated with the same respect and love. We will be patient with each person, knowing that all people are different, and we will respect and uphold each other’s differences.


  • Recognizing that food, clothing and shelter are necessary, we will strive at all times to ensure that these resources are available to all whom we meet (Jam 2:15-16).


  • While all people need food, clothing, shelter and other basic resources, the most important thing that people need is the saving grace from the Lord Jesus Christ. Without this food, clothing, shelter and everything else is meaningless (Ecclesiastes).


  • Our work is an offering to God; therefore we will always seek to do the best that we can do. We will not bring sick or lame offerings to God (Mal 1:7-14).


  • Everything that we have is God’s, anything that we have will be used with careful stewardship.


  • We seek only the kingdom of God, and its presence in the lives of all. We do not seek personal financial gain, nor do we seek to store up money. We will seek money as it is needed, and not make program decisions based on what money we have. Instead we will trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit and in His provision.


  • The Lord God of heaven has the power to do all things. We will not despair, not will we shrink back in the face of opposition or hardship. Apart from the Lord Jesus Christ we can do nothing. We will not compromise on this fact, and the moment that we are willing to do so will be the moment that the L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry will cease to exist (John 15:6).