What it means to host an intern... 

We believe where someone lives is just as important as where they work. If we are to care for our interns while working with us at LIVING Ministry we need to care about where and with who they live. We need caring and loving individuals and families to provide physical, emotional and spiritual space for our interns to thrive while serving with us. If you are at all interested in hosting one of our interns for any length of time please fill out the application bellow. You are not committing to anything by filling out the application. 


  • Love Jesus
  • Provide reasonable living space. (Private Bedroom, use of other living areas)
  • Provide adequate amount of food for the intern to have regular meals.
  • Allow the intern to join in normal family activities. (Dinner, church, soccer games, etc…)
  • Have clear expectations for the intern to help out with household chores/community
  • Love the intern as a member of the family.


  • Invest relationally in a one on one basis in the interns life.
  • Take the intern out for fun activities.
  • Engage with and/or support the ministry the intern will be doing with LIVING Ministry.
  • Let the intern take your kids out for fun activities.
  • Invite the intern to engage in your work/ministry. 
  • Invite the intern into your community of friends. 


  • Require any form of compensation from the intern (babysitting, money, personal service, etc…)
  • Discipline the intern (no grounding, taking away their toys, giving them a curfew, etc…)
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When would you be available to host?
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