Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others? – MLK Jr

We are so excited to be able to carry on Dr. King’s legacy through loving service to our fellow man. This will be our 6th year of doing a fun day at the drop-in center, Wellspring, on MLK Jr. day and it is the most anticipated day at Wellspring all year. The day will last from 9:30-2:00PM. If you are unfamiliar, Wellspring is a drop-in center where many people who are homeless, or formerly homeless hang out during the day. It exists to help people get out of the cold, have a place to shower and eat a hot meal, and to meet up with caseworkers to get help with services. Several times a year we host ‘fun days’ at this drop in center. We cook the food, play games, and spend the day engaging the people there. What makes the event so great is that it really carries with it the spirit of Dr. King. People from different backgrounds are all able to be in one place and celebrate our humanity together. If you are interested in joining us in 2019, please sign up below and check out the detailed instructions. We look forward to honoring Dr. King’s legacy with you!

When: Monday, January 21st 9:30-2:00PM

Where: Wellspring Drop-in Center (903 Watson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219)

Who: All volunteers over the age of 16 who want to honor Dr. King’s legacy by spending a day engaging the homeless 

The Schedule:

9:30AM – Arrive at Wellspring. Wellspring is tucked away in a little alley adjacent to Bethlehem Haven (see picture) We will pray together and explain the plan for the day. Since Monday is a holiday, street parking if free. If you are not familiar with downtown/uptown area, make sure to give yourself extra time to find parking. Also, there are many buses that stop near the center.

10AM-12:30PM We will split our group up into (2) main teams: one doing FELLOWSHIP and one doing FOOD. The fellowship team will seek to engage the homeless by playing trivia games, board and card games, XBOX, doing crafts and just talking.

For trivia, a few people will call out MLK Jr trivia questions and pass out candy. Teams will compete for prizes. Trivia will start at 10:30PM and go until 12PM

For Board and card games, volunteers will sit with folks and play various types of games (the ministry will provide the games). Candy can also be passed out to participants. This is a great place to have good conversations. Games and Cards will be brought from the ministry house for you. Games will start at 10:30AM and go until about 12:15PM

 Some volunteers might want to sit with folks and make MLK Jr peace flowers. They will make a flower and then write an inspirational MLK Jr quote on it. The finished products can be displayed on the wall at Wellspring (with permission). This craft is very easy. Instructions can be found here. All of your materials will be brought from the ministry. You will also start at 10:30AM and be finished by 12:15PM

 The group playing the Xbox will have SO MUCH FUN!! You will have Xbox Sports Kinect and will spend the morning helping people play boxing and bowling. You will have open play from 10:15AM to 10:45AM and a small tournament from 10:45-12:15PM. Each winner of the boxing and bowling tournaments will win a $5 gift card to a fast food restaurant.  

10AM-12:30PM If you are on the Food Team, this is the time for you to prepare the meal. You will be given all of your ingredients and will be serving under the supervision of Chef Jonathan who is the normal everyday cook at Wellspring. You will also have a LIVING Ministry staff helping guide you through the process. Your plan should be to have the food ready by 12:25PM

12:30PM-1:15PM At this point, all of the games are finished and the food is ready. Those on the Fellowship Team will actually be the ones serving, while those who were on the Food Team will have the opportunity to sit with Wellspring guests and eat.

 1:15PM-2:30PM The Fellowship Team will head to the kitchen and complete all the necessary cleanup. This includes wiping down tables, discarding of food, and serving anyone who is late. This is also a time for the Food Team to continue hanging out with people at tables. At this point, many Wellspring guests will begin to leave.

2:00PM We should be all wrapped up by this time and will leave the center.

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