2014 Benefit Banquet Recap


On Friday, May 30th, over 160 guests came to L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry’s 12th anniversary banquet at Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory. The evening was celebrated with our silent auction, wonderful food, and a delightful mix of our ministry families, supporters, and homeless friends. The dinner featured inspiring testimonies, highlighted by Gregory Shields, a former graduate of our discipleship program, who shared about the hope that he has received and how his life is being transformed. Thanks to our dynamic MC, in less than two hours, guests were able to hear and see what God has been doing over the past 11 years and were encouraged to provide long-term support for the ministry. At the end of the event, the ministry was blessed to raise about $14,500, which will go far in helping us serve over half of Pittsburgh’s homeless population this year. Thanks goes out to all who participated in this year's events. Your donations and attendance was critical in making this event a success, and even more critical in the further transformation of Pittsburgh’s homeless men and women.

Below, you can check out all of our pictures from the event:


ALIVE 2013 Recap

2012-01-01 02.08.29

Last Saturday, November 23rd, L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry hosted its 11th annual festival for the homeless called ALIVE. This year's event was absolutely incredible. God was faithful as usual, and provided us with a clear, dry day full of fun, laughter, and joy in His Spirit. As usual, our volunteers were rock stars by helping make this event run as smoothly as possible. The food was delicious as always, and we had just the perfect amount of clothing. But the best part of the day was being able to celebrate our redeemed lives in Christ. When we are lost, Jesus reached out and saved us by being the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Highlights from this year's event:

230 volunteers, 555 homeless, almost 800 chicken pot pie lunches, 372 Eat N' Park cookies, 286 bags of warm winter clothes, free optical care, social services, a competitive chess tournament, dozens of people prayed for and many making commitments to Christ for the first time!

Below you can view all 700 pictures taken at the event. Many of them depict the joy in everyone's faces as they serve together and enjoy God's gift of abundant life. By faith, we believe that Jesus Christ died to give us a new life, and it was our privilege and blessing to share that with everyone who attended last Saturday. As you celebrate Thanksgiving this week, may the blessing of our life in Christ guide and sustain you!

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2013 Sleepout Recap

Sleeping in the cold

Shock, awe, frustration, inspiration, bitter cold, compassion. These were all feelings that people from our Sleepout came away on Friday and Saturday, February 22nd and 23rd. Between the relay races, impactful testimonies, informative seminars, rock hard sleeping surface, and inspiring service projects, each participant was challenged and encouraged to spend themselves in behalf of the poor. One woman noted that she felt ‘mad’ throughout the night because she could remember being homeless and what how hard that life was. She vowed to make positive choices so she would never have to live like that again. Others were shocked at how much the homeless have to wait, and really connected with the sense of purposelessness that many of the homeless feel every day. Check out the pictures below to see what you missed! [nggallery Id=33]

ALIVE 2011

On Saturday, November 19th, L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry held the 9th annual ALIVE festival. This year, God blessed every part of the event. From the absolutely perfect weather, to 300 excited volunteers, God was glorified as men, women, and children were given the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ’s abundant life.

ALIVE is our best and most fun event for several reasons. First, it is Pittsburgh’s largest gathering for the homeless. Secondly, it is great way to break stereotypes that volunteers have and to get over 300 people engaged in serving the homeless. But most importantly, ALIVE is great because everyone is given the chance to truly feel alive. The homeless are honored and made to feel extremely valued and appreciated (as they should be). We cut down the lines they are accustomed to wait in, and we only serve the best of the best clothes, food, and entertainment. Volunteers feel alive because they get the opportunity to serve in a way that transforms their lives. They are able to view the homeless in a new light, and form relationships that can last a lifetime. Even our staff gets the privilege of feeling more alive. This event strengthens our commitment to Christ and His call on our lives, and in many ways, we see this as one big family reunion!

This past week, we celebrated Thanksgiving, which is a time to reflect on the many blessings that we have. Unfortunately, our culture is losing some of our gratitude due to the consumerism and greed produced by Black Friday. Even still, I am thankful to God for the homeless, for ALIVE, for each of you, and for the life that I have found in Jesus Christ. Serving the homeless is not always an easy life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

For those of you who came to ALIVE, we would love to hear your reactions to the event. Just send an email to volunteer@livingministry.org and let us know how God blessed you to be a part of the best day of the year! We look forward to hearing the ways in which you felt ALIVE, and we are thankful for how you made last Saturday a great day! Happy Thanksgiving friends!

2011 Carwash Results

On Saturday, September 10th, the ministry held it's annual carwash fundraiser. As you know, or goal was to garner $50 per car in donations, and we actually ended up around $67 per car! Thank you goes out to our volunteers who came out and enabled us to wash an amazing 178 cars! Thank you also goes out to all who made sponsorships and those who had their cars washed. If you made a financial commitment towards the carwash, you can send your donation in to the following address:

L.I.V..I.N.G. Ministry 2536 Maple Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15214 (please write carwash in the memo)