What is L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry Quality? That's a great question. When we first started the ministry we all agreed that if we were doing this for the Lord, then we could not bring any lame sacrifices (see Malachi 1) So we decided from that point on to set a precedent in homeless ministry, something we call L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry Quality| There are two guiding principles behind L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry Quality. First, we want to honor God with everything that we bring to the ministry, and second, we never want to live above the ministry. | | Now this philosophy applies to every aspect of the ministry. We never want to do things haphazardly. Any event we plan, we want to give our best. Any food we prepare, we want to taste the best. Any piece of clothing we give, we want to give our best. We are tired of seeing the homeless dressed like it's the 1980's and not because they are making a fashion statement but because that is all they are donated. Over our short history we have held 4 clothing drives, and every year we try and explain this concept to the people that donate to us. We do not want to support the idea that "they are homeless, so they have to wear it" We cannot tell you how many times we have heard the statement "well, if I were homeless, i would wear that or eat that". We believe that God is calling us to a higher standard. | | But another part of not living above the ministry is the time and attention that we spend on the ministry. In Haggai, the Lord is furious at the people because they are so concerned with their own houses, and forget about the Lord's house. We do not want to make that same mistake. It was not a coincidence that we all bought houses at the same time the ministry got it's first house. We have made the decision that work on the ministry house takes precedence over our own personal houses. When we go to the labor halls, we do not cook food that we would not eat. When we have events, we serve only the best, no matter if it is more expensive, because that is a sacrifice that God will honor. | Hopefully through this example, others may be encouraged to set a high standard for their service as well. This past year so many of our volunteers were surprised as they were giving away clothes at ALIVE 2011. So much of the stuff were brand new and very stylish. Our hopes that this would not be something that takes people by surprise, but rather is something that people expect to be a part of what we do. We aren't making up some new way of serving. This is Christ's example. We don't want any of the credit because it is He who receives all of the glory